To Save Horse From Drowning Woman Clings To It For 3 Hours (VIDEO)

The most loyal human’s friends are animals, they give us unconditional love and companionship and they don’t expect anything in return except our love and compassion.
Many people who deeply care for the animals’ health and lives would do anything to help and save them. Precisely this kind of a story we will tell you in this article.

One woman did something fascinating to save her horse! She held on to her Astro for more than three hours to keep him from drowning. The horse was stuck in the mud, and its owner stayed next to it.

The woman’s name is Nicole Graham, and she did everything in her power to calm her horse down, so she could save him. Astro is a 17-year-old horse who weighs more than 900 lbs. It stuck in the mud while walking with Nicole and her daughter Paris in Melbourne, Australia.

Paris’s horse also got stuck in the mud, but because it was smaller, it came out quickly. Nicole tried to save Astro, but it was hopeless to do it independently. She couldn’t do anything else, so Nicole stayed next to her horse in the mud until the help arrived. Because Nicole and Astro weren’t alone, they had a second chance. Paris brought the help, and Astro was free.

The people who aided to set the horse free attached a harness to him and pulled him by a tractor. More than three hours were needed to rescue the stuck horse. Nicole did something extraordinary for her horse, and Astro will forever be thankful to her. The horse was safe and sound, just a little bit dehydrated.

We hope that more people would do the same for their pets, just as Nicole did for hers.

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