Waiter Put His Job on the Line to Defend Special Needs Patron

It was just a typical Wednesday evening when Kim Castillo and her family went out to dinner. The family, including their five-year-old son Milo, was enjoying dinner at a restaurant called Laurenzo’s in Houston.

The waiters, as always, were happy to see the family, especially their son Milo who has Down’s Syndrome. However, no one expected the evening to end the way it did.

Just as the family was taking a seat, the family in the booth beside them moved to a different table. The server waiting on that table didn’t think much of the move until he heard one of the family members say, “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

The waiter, Michael Garcia, couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. Standing up for Milo, he told the family he wouldn’t serve them. When the family said they would leave if he didn’t serve them, he told them “good.”

Though the family has known Michael through the restaurant for years, Kim says they never expected him to put his job on the line to stand up for her son, but she’s very grateful.

Michael’s good deed didn’t go unnoticed either. It’s been applauded by his friends, family, other patrons of the restaurant, and even the restaurant owners. The Laurenzo family that own the restaurant, say they support Michael’s decision.

How amazing and wonderful is that! Check out the video below to learn more about the story and be sure to share this heartwarming deed with your family and friends.

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